Overcoming the challenges of development through Southern know-how


Development Challenges, South-South Solutions features innovations, opportunities and events that seek to address the developmental needs of the South. This site is intended to be a resource for sharing the solutions and innovations found within the South. It is also a tool for weaving and fostering South-South networking around the world.


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Featured Articles

The South Has a Good Story to Tell

The fast-changing modern world is raising the living standards of billions in the South – China alone has lifted 400 million people out of poverty since the 1980s – but it is also risking the loss of many rich cultural traditions. One of them... [More...]

Riverwood: Kenyan Super-fast, Super-cheap Filmmaking

The African film-making success story of Nigeria’s Nollywood has been joined by another fast-rising star: Kenya’s Riverwood. Both are beneficiaries of the digital revolution in filmmaking over the last decade, and both are using low-cost... [More...]

Popular Characters Re-invent Traditional Carving

The popular cartoon characters from the long-running series The Simpsons are breathing new life into traditional African stone carvings. A traditional craft in many cultures, carving adds value to local resources and provides an excellent source... [More...]


Issue 2 - Youth & Entrepreneurship

Upcoming Issue 3 - Agribusiness & Food Security

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